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Bali Private Villas

If you are visiting Bali for a romantic getaway such as a honeymoon, you may want to book accommodation well away from the everyday hustle and bustle of Balinese life. Choosing to stay in one of the many Bali private villas is an excellent choice. There are many types of private villas available from Canggu to Tegallalang – from simple to luxurious depending on your need.

Staying in a private villa means you have the seclusion you need for a private getaway with the one you love. It will be an evening sanctuary after the tourist activities of your day and give you time and space to relax and rejuvenate before the next day’s adventures. You’ll love the large and elegantly furnished living areas and spacious bedrooms with well appointed en-suites. Bali private villas provide an indoor haven as well as a private and secure outdoor area. You’ll be treated to a luxurious swimming pool for your own use surrounded by comfortable outdoor furniture located in complete privacy.

Optional extras such as a private chef and housekeeping staff can be a welcome addition to help you concentrate on your holiday and each other. You’ll be welcomed into your villa with open arms and treated with warmth and hospitality during your entire stay. The personal treatment you receive will help to keep the memories of your special romantic occasion alive for many years to come.

Staff members at Bali private villas truly love to make their guests have the best stay possible. They can help you with advice on how to spend your days in Bali as well as ideas for making the most of the local area. Local knowledge is priceless in a land such as Bali where the people hosting you at your villa can advise on the best methods of transport, the best times of day to visit various activities such as the traditional Barong dance in Badung and the best value for money all over the island. The extra service, luxury, facilities and peaceful spaciousness of your accommodation at a private villa will be well worth any extra cost you have to pay. Those who decide to stay in private villas in Bali are always pleased with their decision because their stay is so much more enjoyable.