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Info of Puglia

Torre Guaceto Beach

While staying in a Puglia villa with pool amenities means you’ll be able to go for a dip at any time, the region’s beaches are not to be missed. There are many great crowd-beating seaside spots, but one of the best is Torre Guaceto in Brindisi. A protected nature reserve, it is beautifully unspoilt and great for nature-lovers and beach fans alike – just be sure to take a picnic, as there aren’t any restaurants in the immediate area.

The Trulli of Alberobello

It will be immediately apparent to anyone staying in a Puglia villa with pool provision that this is a region of beautiful architecture, and with a little exploration you’ll discover all kinds of buildings of many styles and eras. Perhaps the most intriguing of all are the trulli, dry stone huts with conical slate roofs, all of which can be easily and quickly dismantled. These came to prominence in medieval Puglia as a clever means of avoiding taxation: tax was charged to homeowners, and trulli owners could take their houses apart and then reassemble them once the tax collector was gone. Visit Alberobello to see beautiful, slightly otherworldly-looking rows of trulli.

Abbazia Santa Maria di Pulsano

Those looking to steep themselves in local history will find plenty to fascinate at the Abbey of Santa Maria of Pulsano. Located on the Gargano Promontory, it will most likely be a bit of a drive from your Puglia villa. With pool, garden, and home comforts it might be tempting not to leave your accommodation, but the Abbey is well worth the journey. Any doubts as to whether it is off the tourist track will be settled when you arrive at the deserted gate, which visitors are expected to open and close behind themselves. A short walk brings the Abbey into view, with its striking combination of recently-restored main buildings and ruined arches from previous incarnations. It was first built in the sixth century, and rebuilt and destroyed several times up until the latest restoration of 1991. With peaceful environs to explore, hands-on workshops, and a high-tech library holding more than 20,000 texts, this is certainly a singular and illuminating attraction.